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Osteoporosis risk check

Question 1
Are you aged 60 or older?
Question 2
Have you broken a bone after the age of 50?
Question 3
Are you underweight?
(BMI below 19) Calculate your BMI:

BMI result:

warning sign

Your replies suggest that you may have major risk factors for osteoporosis and fractures. We encourage you to ask for a bone health assessment and to discuss strategies to reduce your risk for osteoporosis-related fractures with your doctor.

Question 4
After the age of 40, have you lost more than 4 cm in height (ca. 1.5 inches)?
Question 5
Have either of your parents had a hip fracture?
Question 6
Do you have any of the following disorders?
Question 7
Have you been treated with any of the following medications?
Question 8
Do you drink excessive amounts of alcohol (more than 3 units a day) and/or currently smoke?

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